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OCTOBER 30,  2015

SUBJECT: Participation of GUTS in the National, Pan-Wheel rally, Wednesday November 4, 2015

GUTS participates in the National, Pan – Wheel  Rally on Wednesday November 4, 2015, in Omonia Square, Athens-Greece at 11:00 in the morning.

Greek Union for the Treatment of Mulstiple Sclerosis in Western Hellas invites its members, their families, and all concerned citizens to participate in the National, Pan-Wheel rally on, Wednesday November 4, 2015, in Omonia Square in Athens.

Kindly members, friends and volunteers of the association are asked to register until Monday, November 2 telephone: 2610362127, in order to plan the transition to Athens in collaboration with the Annex ESAmeA Patras for our presence in pan-Wheel Rally to protest against the crisis and its impact.

People with MS who suffer from chronic, incurable and continuesley worsening disease which leads to disability will join their voices with other carriers  with disabilities and will send the message about the dramatic situation they are experiening due to the technocratic only policies towards to all disabled that have to stop immediately!

We demand to lift the unjust measures and review-driven logic, consistency and understanding of the serious problems we face in our daily lives.

Members of GUTS will be compiled dynamically into this fight to respect the fundamental rights of people with MS.

Our participation must be massive unifying and dynamic since its our moral duty !

Let’s stop here and now the crime of extermination of people with MS
We say NO to Social and Economic impoverishment of people with MS
Say YES to decent living of people with MS!

With militant greetings
The Board

Advocacy for MS in Western Greece

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